Mobile Point-of-Sale

Mobile point-of-sale (mPOS) allows for accepting payments from bank cards wherever you like: upon delivery, during any events, or at the counter.

The mPOS consists of your smartphone and a reader for cards, which you can buy from us for 4,600 rubles.

List of smartphones and tablets supporting mPOS

Ordering a reader

You can order a reader after onboarding with Yandex.Checkout.

First of all, fill out an order application for a mobile point-of-sale. In this application, specify groups of products and services you are going to accept payment for using the mPOS: for instance, 'flowers delivery' or 'taxi service'. Then print out, sign, and seal it.

Download the application form (.docx)

After that, write to

  1. Specify 'I need a mobile Point-of-Sale' and your shopId in the email's subject.
  2. In your message, specify how many readers you need and how you want them to be delivered: by Russian Post or in our office (specify city: Moscow, Saint-Petersburg, or Nizhny Novgorod).
  3. Add a scanned copy or photo of your signed application.

In response, our manager will send you an invoice for paying 4,600 rubles for each reader ordered. You can transfer the money from the checking account of your company signed up for Yandex.Checkout.

Collecting a reader

You can either get it by Russian Post or collect it in our office. You can choose what suits you best when ordering the reader.

In our office

We have offices in Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Nizhny Novgorod. View addresses

Your chief executive, an employee, or a delivery boy can collect the reader. The documents to have when collecting readers:

  • chief executive needs to have the passport and company's seal
  • your company's employee needs to have the passport and a power of attorney for collecting items of value
  • delivery boy needs to show his courier assignment for collecting the reader.

We keep readers to be collected for two weeks in our office.

By Russian Post

As soon as we send the reader, we will send you an email with a tracking number: you will be able to track where the parcel is on the Russian Post site. Delivery term depends on the post service.

The post service keeps the parcel in the post office for 30 days.

Activating a reader

  1. Install 2can for Yandex.Checkout app on your phone or tablet: this app is available on the App Store and Google Play.
  2. Insert the reader in your earphone jack, set the smartphone's volume to maximum and launch the app.
  3. Follow the app's prompts to activate the reader: you will need the payment code that our specialists will send you.

Accepting payments

Prepare the reader: plug it into the earphone jack and check your internet connection (3G, 4G, or Wi-Fi). Further on:

  1. Push 'Payment' in the app, enter the amount and purpose of payment. For instance, name of the product and service.

  2. If the card has a chip, insert it into the reader having the chip on the underside. If the card is with a magnetic stripe, slowly and steadily swipe it through the reader.

    Please note: the reader takes up to five seconds to process the card.

  3. Ask your client to place the sign on the screen.

  4. To send payment receipt, specify your client's email address or phone number.

All payments made via our reader are saved to the History section in the app.

Fees and limits

We charge 3.5% fee of every successful payment. The fee is paid by the merchant. If your client pays 1,000 rubles, you will get 965 rubles to your company's account.


  • maximum amount of one payment—15,000 rubles
  • you can accept up to 100,000 rubles a day and 500,000 rubles a month via one reader.

Dealing with Federal Law No.54 (54-FZ)

From 1 July, under Federal Law No.54 online stores should transmit information about payments to the tax service via a special online sales register.

More about the law


  • Sole proprietors using the patent taxation and sole proprietors and companies paying single tax on imputed income can work without online sales registers until 1 July 2018 (as long as they have enough receipts and other documents for confirming payments).
  • Sole proprietors and corporations that provide works and services to people can work without an online sales register until 1 July 2018 (they need to issue accountable forms to their clients).
  • Sole proprietors using the simplified tax system and selling agricultural commodities (without excise duties) must send fiscal data to the tax service but are allowed to omit specifying product names. It is allowed to use off-line sales registers. They are cheaper. (For instance, ATOL 90F, Shtrikh-MPAY-F, Drimkas-F, and other. The first two are compact and suitable for delivery persons.)

Others require fully-featured online sales registers. For delivery, we recommend ATOL 30F with a tablet (for specifying details), ModuleKassa Mobile, or similar to them. Immovable sales registers: SHTRIKH-ON-LINE with a tablet, Viki Micro, or similar to them.

Performing Payments under the Law

  1. Accept payment via a point-of-sale as usual.
  2. Create a receipt for the buyer (electronic or hard copy). Specify the receipt details to your sales register: manually or via a third-party software. Yandex.Checkout's app does not suit for that.

The receipt requires the following details:

  • product name
  • quantity or weight
  • price per unit
  • VAT rate
  • buyer's contact (phone number or email address to send the receipt to)
  • SNO—if you use several tax systems for your store.

The online sales register will add the rest required.

Issues with mPOS

You cannot activate the reader, or it just won't work First of all, check the following:
  • your internet connection is on
  • the volume is on, and its value is on maximum level
  • you have antivirus software and all applications and devices that may affect the sound are disabled
  • you allowed the app to use your device's microphone (you can check it in your phone settings).

Then try unplugging and plugging the reader again, restarting or reinstalling the app, and rebooting your device. If nothing of these helps, contact the customers support: its phone number is on the sticker on your reader. You will need to name the device's features.

The app shows the message:

Incorrect request parameters, reactivate the reader

Navigate to Settings in the main menu of the app and tap Activate.
In the course of a payment, something went wrong: for instance, internet connection was lost

View the History section in the app.

If a record about the last payment is present, view this record and ask your client to sign it. You need to complete paying via the reader in 5 minutes, otherwise, it will be cancelled.

If you cannot see a record about this payment in the History, money were not debited: start the payment over.

The card cannot be read
  1. Try waiting a little: the reader needs up to five seconds to process a card.
  2. Make sure the reader is plugged properly, the internet is on, and the device's volume is at maximum.
  3. If the card is with a magnetic stripe, swipe it again—slowly and steadily. If this is a chip card, withdraw it and insert it again.
  4. Reload the app or reboot your device.

If it doesn't help, contact the customers support. The phone number is on a sticker on the reader.

The app shows one of the following messages:
  • Payment declined
  • Unable to complete the payment
Problem with the client's card: ask your client to pay using another method.

Please note: if you will have 15 failed payments, the reader will be blocked to the end of the day.

The app will show Exceeding the limit

Ask your client to pay using other method.

The limits for one reader:

  • maximum amount of one payment—15,000 rubles
  • you can accept up to 100,000 rubles a day and 500,000 rubles a month via one reader.
The app shows one of the following messages:
  • Cannot process the payment
  • Incorrect number of the card
  • Incorrect request parameters
Start over. If the error persists, ask your client to pay unsing other method and contact our Support Service afterwards: +7 (495) 974-3586 You will need to tell your shopId.
The app will show the message: Accepting payments via this mPOS is suspended Contact our Support Service: +7 (495) 974-3586 You will need to tell your shopId.