Linking Bank Card

This feature allows for saving bank card details of your client and simplifies further payments on our site for this client.

How it works

First payment:

  1. Your client selects paying with bank card.
  2. This client specifies this card's details: number, owner's name, expiration date, and CVC.
  3. Then the client checks the box Save card and confirms the payment.
  4. Yandex.Checkout saves the card details: all but CVC.

Next payments:

  1. The client selects paying with bank card.
  2. Then the client sees a masked card number: first 6 and 4 last digits of its number.
  3. Enters only CVC and confirms the payment (no need to enter card number and its expiration date).

Activating the feature

Write to our manager that you want to enable linking users' bank cards.

You will need to do the following: