Integration via API

This page is about implementing the new Yandex.Checkout API: this method of setting up payment acceptance on your site is now default. The former protocol is still functioning (if you want to use it, write to the manager).


Current version of the protocol Preceding version of the protocol

The new API is for those who wants to carry out the integration independently and customize their payment module and some CMSs.

Carrying out Integration

Fill out settings under your Merchant Profile

Implement interaction via API

Start accepting payments

Step 1. Fill out settings

  1. First of all, sign up with Yandex.Checkout and log into your Merchant Profile (you will initially see there only application forms to fill out).
  2. Click Fill out under the Settings.
  3. Select API (for custom made websites) and click Continue.

  4. Enter your email address for sending registers (see Payment registers), click Save and send (you can add the online sales register's settings later). After that, your first store, the Demo Store, will appear in your Merchant Profile.

  5. Fill out information about your company (you need it for entering into the contract) and send it to us for review. At the same time, you can send technical settings. Actual (not test) payments will be made after you send the technical settings and enter into a contract with Yandex.Checkout.

Step 2. Implement interaction via the Yandex.Checkout API.

Step 3. Start accepting payments

If you made sure that payments and refunds are procesed without errors, and your store can successfully process paid orders, you can start accepting payments from customers.