For Non-Russian Companies

The companies incorporated outside of Russia can work with Yandex.Checkout. Fees and limits applied are equal to the ones for Russian residents, but non-Russian residents meet some additional features and restrictions.

Accepting Payments

Fees, payment acceptance methods, and limits applied are the same as the ones for Russian residents. The rest differs.



Additional Options




You can pay in different currencies via Yandex.Checkout:

  • Russian rubles
  • US dollars
  • euros
  • Belarus rubles
  • tenges
  • yuans

Money is credited to your company's checking account in the initial currency or rubles. The process defines whether currency conversion is required.

Prices in rubles, settlement in rubles

We recommend this scheme in two following cases:

  • your account is in rubles
  • your account is denominated, and all deposits are automatically converted to the currency of the account.

The conversion is performed upon settlement in accordance with your bank's rates.

Prices in rubles, settlement in other currency

The conversion is made as follows:

  • at the moment of deposit to your company's account
  • according to the rates of the Central Bank of Russia +2% (expenses are paid by you).

Prices and deposits are not in rubles

The conversion is made as follows:

  • in the course of payment: a buyer sees an amount in rubles that equals the product's price at your store
  • according to the rates of the Central Bank of Russia +5% (expenses are paid by the buyer)


In rubles: money is credited on the next business day; it is credited to your account within 5 days (this depends on the country and bank).

In other currencies: as soon as the required amount is accumulated (depends on the currency):

currency settlement amount
US dollars 1,800 dollars
euros 1,800 euros
Belarus rubles amount equal to 1,000 Russian rubles
tenges amount equal to 1,000 Russian rubles
yuans amount equal to 1,800 euros

If this amount is not reached, we will send you the amount in a month after the last settlement.

Additional Options

You can enjoy all of them: setting autopayments, linking bank cards, preauthorizing, invoicing via emails, live chats, and text messages, paying by QR codes, and paying using Apple Pay.


  1. Fill out our onboarding application form according to the instructions.
  2. Download the questionnaire about your company, fill it out and upload it under your Merchant Profile.

Our manager will get your application and guide you through further steps. You will need to do the following:

  1. Complete identification.

    The identification confirms your company is officially incorporated. The identification process depends on your country's legislation: our manager will tell you about the options after looking through your application.

  2. Fill out technical questionnaire.

    To prepare for integration, you can read through options of implementing Yandex.Checkout (you might want a technical specialist advice for that).

    Important. The integration process is similar to the one for Russian companies. But the majority of Yandex.Checkout's payment modules cannot work with different currencies.

  3. Enter into contract. We will draw up and send it to you as soon as you complete identification.

    Read through our General Terms and Conditions (see the contract sample in it).

  4. Complete integration, if it is required. Our specialists will check that everything works fine and activate payment acceptance for you.


You can only make refunds under your Merchant Profile or using Yandex.Checkout's API.. The refunds by payment orders do not work.


Managing and activating payouts are the same as for Russian residents. You can only transfer money in rubles to Yandex.Money's e-wallets, bank cards, standard accounts opened in Russian banks, and the balances of mobile phones serviced by Russian carriers.

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Questions and Answers

We are present in Crimea, but we act under Ukrainian registration documents. Can we onboard as a Russian company?

This requires providing constituent documents in accordance with Russian legislation. As soon as an entry about your company will appear in the EGRYL (the Uniform State Register of Legal Entities), you will be able to sign up with Yandex.Checkout as a Russian corporation.