Applying and Registering

Application for onboarding with Yandex.Checkout and registration in the Merchant Profile are filed in a single form. You provide your company details and contacts in this application. In the registration form, you create a login name on Yandex, which you will use for accessing into your Merchant Profile.

If your company is registered in Russia, you can fill out the questionnaire about it and fill in your technical settings (both under your Merchant Profile).

If your company is registered in other country than Russia, the set of required documents differs, and you need to send us the technical questionnaire via email.

Onboarding Application

The first part of the form is for registering your organization.

How it looks like

Select where your company is registered in.

Fill out all fields and specify:

  • INN for a Russian company, country for a non-Russian company. If you specify an INN that do not exist, you will not be able to fill out the form on the next step.
  • URL of the site you are implementing Yandex.Checkout for (if present).


If you accept payments via Yandex.Checkout without a Merchant Profile, fill out all fields and wait for several minutes. We will recognize you by your INN and start a Merchant Profile for you.

Registering Account for Merchant Profile

This section of the form allows for creating an account for your Merchant Profile. This account will also start a new login on Yandex for you.

How it looks like

Be sure to specify your real full name, email address, and phone number—you'll need them for contacting your manager in the course of your onboarding.

Create a login name. If you already have a Yandex account, it won't do: working with our payment solution requires a new one.

Login should start with a letter. You can use letters of the Roman alphabet, hyphen, or period; no more than 30 characters.

Note. If you view the application form being logged in on Yandex, after registering your Merchant Profile, we will log you out automatically. From then on, you will be logged into your new account for your Merchant Profile.

Create a secret word. You will need it if you forget your password.