You can return a successful payment directly from your Merchant Profile. Other methods include setting up or performing them manually, by payment order.

For making a refund, you need to link your phone number with your Merchant Profile.

Who Can Make Refunds

Two types of users: owner and administrator. Both will need access to the linked phone: we will send text messages with passwords for confirming operations.

What Payments Can Be Refunded

You can only refund successful or partially returned payment. Refunds apply other restrictions, too. Check whether a payment may be returned in the list of .

One payment cannot be returned twice. But if you make a partial refund and repeat this refund later by mistake, both refunds will be executed: the necessary and accidental ones (if their sum is less than the whole amount of the payment you make the refund for).

How to Make a Refund

Refund from your payment history

  1. Find the required payment in the history.
  2. Payments with the Success status have an arrow with the Refund hint next to the amount. Click it and the Chargeback block will appear. If you do not have a phone number linked to your Merchant Profile, we will ask you to link it. Do this in the Managing your account section.
  3. Specify the amount in the Chargeback block: entire amount for a full refund, part of the amount for a partial refund. If necessary, specify the reason behind the refund.
  4. Click Confirm, enter the password from the text message (sent to the linked phone number), then click Next.
  5. That's it, your refund request has been sent. After successful processing, the payment status will change to Refund or Partial refund.

In the Refunds and Chargebacks section

You can only make a full refund in here, either one or several at once.

  1. View the Refunds tab in the Transactions section. If you do not have a phone number linked to your Merchant Profile, we will ask you to link it. Do this in the Managing your account section.
  2. Click Make refund to open the refund request form.
  3. Specify the reason behind the refund (if necessary) and the the payment ID from the history.
  4. If you want to make several refunds, click Another refund.
  5. Click Confirm, enter the password from the text message, then click Refund the money.
  6. That's it, your refund request has been sent. After successful processing, the payment status will change to Refund.

How to make a partial refund by 54-FZ

If you use the Yandex.Checkout solution for 54-FZ, the process of making a partial refund is slightly different.

  1. Find the required payment in the list and click the arrow, Chargeback.

  2. The Chargeback block is opened. Specify the reason behind the return (if necessary) and select the product.

    To get the desired refund amount, edit the quantity of the product, and the amount will be calculated automatically. You can use integers and fractions. For example, if the product costs 100 P, but you need to return 70 P, set the product quantity as 0.7.

  3. Confirm the refund with a text message password (it will be sent to the linked phone number).

  4. The refund request will then be sent for processing. Check the payment status in a few minutes: after successful processing, it will change to Partial refund.

How to Check if Refund is Complete

All your refund requests are stored on the page with the list of requests. Refresh the page to check the request status. The status will change in the case of a successful refund. If something goes wrong with the request, an error message will appear below it.

You can also find the required payment in the history by the payment ID (indicated in the request). If the refund is successful, its status will change and the transaction history will be added to it.

Refunds usually take several seconds. But the list of payments may take time to update: wait for about twenty minutes, then check.

Внимание. You cannot cancel your request for a refund. If you made a request and the refund is allowed for this payment, money will be returned to the user.

Commission on refunds

You don't pay the commission for a refund, only for a successful payment. If you're making a refund to the buyer, in some cases you'll need to pay the payment commission. This depends on your implementation method (you can check it in the settings section of Merchant Profile), as well as time and method of the refund.

Refund by Payment Order

In this case, Yandex.Checkout has already charged a commission for a successful payment, and this commission won't be refunded to you. No commission is charged for the refund. The buyer will receive the exact amount you specify in the payment order for the refund.

HTTP Protocol, Email Protocol, Payment module (HTTP Protocol) implementation method

If you make a refund on the day of payment (via protocol or your Merchant Profile), no commission is charged. The payment is simply canceled.

If you send a refund later (after 0:00 Moscow time), you pay the commission for the successful payment.

API or Payment module (API Protocol) implementation method

Payments via API are processed in two stages: first you create a payment, then you capture or cancel it (via the API or Merchant Profile). See documentation for details

If you have not captured the payment, you can simply cancel it: no commission is charged.

If the payment has already been captured, you can make a refund, but the commission will be charged without refund.

If you send payments with automatic confirmation, you will not be able to cancel them. Only refunds are available to you.

How to cancel payments made via API

How to cancel payments in Merchant Profile

Blocking Refunds

You can find the detailed refund terms for WeChat and Installments in the Legal terms of Yandex.Checkout.