How to recover your username or password

You can have several usernames on Yandex. You have created the username for Yandex.Checkout in the course of the registration.

Finding this username

Look through the emails sent to the address you specified upon registering under your Merchant Profile (most likely, this is your primary email address).

We sent you an email notice after the registration containing your Yandex.Checkout's username.

Sender: Yandex.Money

Subject: You have opened a Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile

I remember the username, but I forgot the password

Restore access via Yandex.Passport. If you remember your code word, you can create a new password right away.

If you do not remember it, you will need to specify your details first.

I do not remember my username

Try to restore the access under Yandex.Passport (by the phone number).

Nothing helps

Apply for changing your username:

  1. Create a new account on Yandex. Memorize its username and password.
  2. Fill out the application and specify your new username in it. Let your chief executive sign it and place your company seal if you have one.
  3. Scan your application with the signature and seal and send us via email to Specify subject: 'Restoring access to Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile'.
  4. We will let you know when this new account will get the access.