History of Payouts

List of Payouts

In the section Operations, you can look through the information about payments you made to your clients. You can scroll the list using the button at the bottom of the page or select the required operations in the filters above. The payouts in the list are arranged by date: the newest above.

In the left-hand column—payout identifiers:

  • Transaction—transaction number in our service
  • RRN—Retrieval Reference Number, identifier of the payout in the recipient's bank. Only viewed for payouts to bank card. It is required for defining the crediting status in the client's bank.

Above it is date and time when the crediting will reach the client.

In the middle column—information about the recipient of the payout. Depends on the method of crediting: this might be a Yandex.Money e-wallet number, bank card or standard account number, or mobile phone number, to which the money were sent.

In the right-hand column—information about settlement: amount, currency, and status.


The filters allowed for finding a particular operation or selecting several operations satisfying certain parameters.

Filters parameters:

  • Period—date when the crediting operation was initiated.
  • Transaction—transaction number in the payment service.
  • Money destination—the method of collecting the money by the client. The list is set forth in the contract.
  • Payout status.

Export of Operations to a File

You can download information about payments as a file in the CSV format (viewed by Excel and other table editing software). Set the parameters you need in the filters and push Export button to the right—a file with selected details will be saved on the Yandex.Disk of your Merchant Profile's account to Payouts.History folder. You will be able to download it wherever you want.

The file will not be saved immediately. You will get a link to it in a message to the email address of the contact person for general questions.

If your Yandex.Disk is full, we will be unable to save the files with payment selections (you will get an email, notifying that the free space runs out). Delete what you do not need to free up some space.

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