List-based payouts

List-based payouts are available to payment gateways that are not integrated with Yandex.Checkout via API. If your gateway is integrated via the API but you want to make list-based payouts, you need to change the integration method (contact your manager and let them know).

Such payouts can only be made by users with the Owner or Administrator role.

How to make a list-based payout:

  1. Download the file with the list template from your Merchant Profile
  2. Fill it out according to the rules
  3. Upload the filled-out list to your Merchant Profile

How to download and add a list template

1) Navigate to Transactions — Payouts to clients and click Make a payout.

2) Download the list template in a format convenient for you and fill it out by following the instructions. Once finished, upload the file here by clicking Select a file.

3) The file will be automatically checked for errors. If the list contains any errors, you'll see a warning preventing you from making the payout. Fix the errors and reupload the file (see Errors in the list)

4) If there are no errors, click Make a payout at the bottom of the page and confirm it with a text message password (you need to link your phone number to the Merchant Profile). If necessary, check the hash of the file and the payout amount.

5) Done, payouts will be sent to the recipients within a few minutes. They won't appear in the History right away, you'll need to wait for about half an hour.

How to fill in a list template

The list template is a file where you need to enter the information about your recipients.


  • Payouts to cards and current accounts can only be received by citizens of the Russian Federation. If the recipient does not have a Russian passport, do not add them to the list as this will result in an error.
  • You can send payouts to bank cards issued by foreign banks if the cardholder has a Russian passport.
  • All recipients must accept the terms of the offer. Place the offer or the link to it on your website and include a checkbox or the "I accept the terms" button.

The list template can be filled out manually (Excel table) or exported in a CSV file if you keep the records of clients in a special program (1C, CRM, HR programs or something similar).

Manual filling

Download the template file in a convenient format: XLSX (Excel) or XLS (pre-2007 Excel).

The template contains several: choose the ones you need to fill in depending on where you are making payouts to:

  • to a bank card
  • to a Yandex.Money wallet
  • to a settlement account
  • to mobile phone balance

The rules for filling out the fields are included in the template itself. Basically, it's a simple process yet some fields might cause difficulties:

Your unique number of the payout (optional field)

Each payout in Yandex.Checkout has its own number (ID). If you make list-based payouts, Yandex.Checkout assigns numbers to payouts by default.

You can give a unique number to a payout so that, for example, it matches the number of this payout in your system or so that you can easily find it in Transaction history of your Merchant Profile. Important: this number must be unique, that is, it should never be repeated among all your payouts.

You can search for payouts in the Payment history using the filters.

Does the recipient accept the offer?

All recipients must accept the terms of the offer, so in this field, use a "Yes" for all recipients. Otherwise, the payout will result in an error.

Recipient's nationality

You can only send payouts via Yandex.Checkout to citizens of the Russian Federation, so in this field, use RF for all recipients. If one of your recipients does not have a Russian passport, do not add them to the list as this will result in an error.

Actual address (city, street, house, apartment, postal code)

These fields must be filled in if the payout amount for the recipient is over 15,000 rubles or if the payout is being made to a card issued by a foreign bank.

Important If you're making a payout to a bank card issued by a foreign bank, make sure that the recipient has Russian citizenship.

Fill in all other fields according to the samples provided in the template.

Export to CSV

If you keep track of recipients in a special program, you can export the list directly from there to a CSV file, then upload the file to your Merchant Profile. First, set up the exporting to a file according to our instructions (for example, download a template in CSV format).

Errors in the list

When you upload the file to your Merchant Profile, you will see a notification window with a description of errors. If there are any errors, you will not be able to make the payout: you will need to correct the errors first.

Page — which page of the template contains the described errors,

No — number of the payout containing an error,

Field — field containing the error,

Error — what happened and how to fix it.

Once you correct the errors in the file, reupload it, click Make a payout, and confirm it with a password.

If the list contains payouts with the same amount and recipient, we will notify you: you might have accidentally entered one recipient several times.

You don't have to correct this. If the list is in order, confirm the payment with a text message password.