Invoicing is a special section in your Merchant Profile for managing payments without a website. It allows your for:

  • sending invoices to clients via email
  • viewing a list of issued invoices
  • cataloging products and clients
  • checking statuses of invoice payments.

The Invoicing section is in your Merchant Profile by default: you do not need to do anything special for it to be available.

How it works

  1. Create new invoice under your Merchant Profile: specify the product name, its price, and the buyer's email address.
  2. The buyer receives an email to the address you provided. The message will include the list of products with their prices and a payment button.
    How the email message looks like
  3. The buyer pushes the button and proceeds to Yandex.Checkout's payment form with payment methods selection.
    How the payment form looks like
  4. The buyer pays and receives an email with a receipt (if provided the email address previously). As it is for ordinary payment via Yandex.Checkout.
  5. You receive notification about the payment to the email address you provided under your Settings.

How to Issue Invoice

  1. Log into your Merchant Profile, navigate to Invoices to clients folder (the link is at the header of the main page) and push Create invoice.

  2. You will see a form for creating an invoice. If needed, you can set invoice's expiration date: the payment button stops working after the date you provide.

  3. Fill out buyer's details: Email address (we send invoice to it) and full name (optional, we need it to address you personally in emails). Specify the product details: its name, quantity, and price.

    You can select products and buyers from the list if you provided them earlier.

    How the form looks like
  4. Push Send invoice.
  5. That's it: the invoice sent will appear in the Invoices to clients section (History folder).

Invoice Statuses

View the Invoices to clients folder: you will see a list of your issued invoices. The icon opposite the number indicates its status:

  • grey—'Invoice sent'
  • green—'Invoice paid'
  • red—'You returned money to the buyer'
  • red and green—'You returned to the buyer a part of money'
  • yellow—'You cancelled the invoice' or 'Payment expired'.

The same hints appear if you hover the mouse over the status icon.

Additionally, all paid invoices appear in the payment list: enter an invoice number in the Order field and push Search.

Canceling Invoice

As long as the invoice has 'Sent' status, you can cancel it at any moment: the payment button in the email will stop working.

This requires the following:

  1. View the Invoices to clients folder.

  2. Find the invoice you need in the list.

  3. Push the crossed out circle icon on the right.

    That's it: the recipient will not be able to pay this invoice.

How to Add Product

  1. Navigate to Invoices section, view Items tab and push Add item.
  2. You will see a form for adding a product. Fill out the fields: name, price, and description (optional), then push Add.
    How the form looks like
  3. That's it. The product will appear in the list. You can now select it when creating a new invoice.

How to Add Buyer

  1. Navigate to Invoices section, view Buyers tab, and push Add a customer.
  2. You will see a form for adding a buyer. Fill out the field: Full name, address (optional), phone number (optional), and push Add.
    How the form looks like
  3. That's it. The buyer will appear in the list. You can now select it when creating a new invoice.