Immediately after registration, you can fill out the questionnaire about your company and fill in your system's technical settings. You can do it simultaneously. Yet we recommend start with the questionnaire—while our managers are checking it, you can handle the settings.

With the non-Russian companies, we work under different scenario.

Questionnaire about Your Company

Our questionnaire includes several sections marked off with a grey tick. When you complete a section, its tick turns green. Number of these sections depends on the details you provide.

General Information

Specify how you're going to accept payments, via a website or without a website. If you're going to accept payments via a website, specify the URL.

If you don't have a website, select your method from the list. When you're selecting a method, additional fields will appear that also need to be filled out.

After that, a few legal questions.

If you checked the "Beneficial owner"and "Beneficiaries" boxes, additional sections will appear in the questionnaire. Click the question mark to read through the hints.


  • Sole proprietor cannot be his or her own beneficiary or have beneficial owners.
  • The corporation's CEO can be its beneficiary if this CEO owns more than 25% of the corporation.
  • A corporation cannot be its own beneficiary.

When everything is filled out, click Save.


In this section, you can edit the information of the main contact person (by default, the information specified during the sign up process is displayed) or add other contacts: for financial, technical, or any other matters.

To add a contact, click the plus sign in the green circle. To remove one, click on the minus sign in the red circle next to the full name.

Get text message notice on sign up—if you check this box, we will send notices on signing up for Yandex.Checkout to the phone number. For instance, status of this questionnaire's check. You can change this phone number.

State registration

In these fields, specify the legal and actual addresses of your company. They most likely are already filled out, in which case you just need to make sure there are no errors.

Bank Account

Specify the BIC of the bank managing your correspondent account. The following information about the bank will automatically appear below: name, correspondence account, city.

Attention. If you see a notice that something is wrong with the BIC number, check whether everything is all right with your bank and the details are up-to-date.

Specify the correspondent account number of your company. We will send money to it.

Information about the Company's Director

Fill out the fields as in your chief executive's passport. If a representative of the director is going to sign the contract, uncheck the box The director will be the signatory of the contract.

Uploading Documents (Scanned Copies)

Upload scanned copy of the director's passport.

  • We need two pages: the main one, and the one with the registration.
  • Without extraneous marks. (You do not need to write: 'true copy', 'for Yandex. Money', or other.)
  • Scan the original passport: scanned copy of a copy won't do.

If your business is subject to licensing, upload scanned copies of the licenses in the field 'Other Documents'.

If the contract signatory is not the company's director, upload:

  • scanned copy of the passport of the director's representative
  • scanned copy of the signatory power.

Application Reviewing

When the form is filled out, push Send Form. This can only be done once all the sections are marked with green checkmarks.

After that, the form will send for verification. The process will take 1 to 3 business days. You can view the results under your Merchant Profile or wait for the email notification.

If the form has errors, you will see a notice on that in your Merchant Profile or get an email notification. The field we suggest you to check will be marked red.

If you've checked Get text message notice on sign-up in the Contact information section, we will send you texts about your application status.

Application and signature

When the form is reviewed, a ready-made application for sign-up, created from your details, will appear under your Merchant Profile. The application will be considered your contract with Yandex.Money.

You will need to download and sign it, then scan all the pages and upload the scans to your Merchant Profile.

Application Checking

When it is checked (it takes 1 to 3 business days), you will see additional sections in your Merchant Profile—Company and Contract.

Since that moment, your contract for payment acceptance with Yandex.Money is active. If everything is ready on the technical part, you can start accepting payments.

How to set up technical settings

For Non-Russian Companies

If your company is registered outside of Russia, you will see an instruction on signing up after registering.

Under your Merchant Profile, you can download a questionnaire about your company and upload it back to us when filled out.

After checking the questionnaire, our manager will contact you and guide your through further steps.

More about onboarding non-Russian companies