Merchant Profile

This is a manual for stores that accept payments from different clients (shopArticleId). Merchant Profile allows adding new clients, searching for specific clients within the existing list, view the list of transactions and financial indicators of a client, make refunds.

How to view client information

The Client transactions section of Merchant Profile shows the transactions of all clients by default.

If you want to view the information about a certain client, find them in the Client search block:

  1. Start typing the client's website URL or their shopArticleId in the search bar.
  2. Once you see the drop-down list of connected clients, select the one you're looking for.

You will be redirected to the page contacting the information about that client.

The page includes:

  • Client name. This name is displayed in the payment form at the store's website. You can change it by clicking the pencil icon, entering a new name, and clicking Save. The manager will receive your query and change the name within three business days.
  • Client status. Checking the status: working or closed.
  • Payment method. All payment methods available to this client and the commission rates for each of them.
  • Statistics block. Main client's performance indicators for the selected period: revenue, average check, the amount of refunds, and the number of payments. You can view the statistics for all time or set a certain period. See Statistics.
  • Payment history. Al client's payments for the selected period. You can view information about payments, search for payments and refunds by parameters using a filter, and download the results as a file. See Payment history.

How to make a refund

View the Payment history section. You can only refund payments with the Successful payment or Partial refund statuses (see Statuses).

1. Find the payment in Payment history.

2. Find the arrow icon with the Refund tooltip to the right of the payment amount.

Click it, and the Payment refund block will appear. If you don't have a phone number linked to Merchant Profile, you will be asked to link one in the Account management section.

3. Select the reason for the refund in the Payment refund block and indicate the amount: full or partial.

4. Click Confirm, enter password from the text message (sent to the linked number), and click Next.

5. Done, the request for the refund is sent. After the successful processing, the payment status will change to Refund or Partial refund.

It might take some time for the payment status to update. Refresh the page after a few minutes to check the status.

Внимание. You can't cancel the refund request. If you sent the request and the refund is possible, the funds will be returned to the user.

More about refunds.

How to add new clients

Click the Add client button in the Client search block. The New client form will be opened: use it to add clients separately or in groups.

To add one client, fill out all fields and click Add.

To add a list of clients, download the xlsx file at the Download example link and fill out the table:

  • Website URL — URL of the client's website.
  • Legal entity — abbreviated name of the client's legal entity.
  • Resident/Non-resident of Russia — where the client's company is registered: in Russia or abroad.
  • Trademark group — category of goods and services offered by the client.
  • Name on the payment form — name of the client's store that the customer will see on the payment form during payment.
  • RS rate — do not fill out this column: the value will be added automatically after you indicate the value in the Trademark group column.

Upload the filled out file using the same form (Select file button) and click Add.

The manager will review your query for adding new clients within three business days and inform you of the result.