Setting up payment acceptance in Drupal 8

Using this manual, you can set up payment acceptance for your website at Drupal via one of the Yandex services.

Yandex.Checkout: accept payments to settlement account, onboarding via a contract. Suitable for legal entities and private entrepreneurs.

Yandex.Billing: accept payments to company's account, no contract required. Suitable for legal entities and private entrepreneurs.

Installing the module

1. Download the archive (.ZIP, 87 KB).

2. Copy the contents of the archive to the /sites/all/modules folder on your server.

3. Select "Modules" in the dashboard, then find "Yandex.Money 2.0" in the opened list.

4. In the "Yandex.Money 2.0" section, check the boxes for Yandex.MoneyCore, Yandex Ubercart, and Yandex Commerce.

5. Click Save the settings and wait for the Settings saved message. That's it: the module has been installed and activated.

How to switch to Russian

​1. Click the Management tab in the upper menu to open the website's dahsboard. Select Configuration.

2. Find the Region and language block. Select the last item, User interface translation.

3. View the Import tab.

4. This is the dashboard for importing files containing translations. Upload the PO-format file for translating the Yandex.Checkout module from the archive containing the module. Click Overview, find the file on your HDD, and click Import.

After that, the module's interface will be translated to Russian.

Setting up payment acceptance via Yandex.Checkout

First of all, you need to sign up for Yandex.Checkout and get your shopId and Secret key.

  • shopId will appear in your Merchant Profile by itself when you sign up for the service,
  • Secret key is issued independently and requires activation in Merchant Profile. More in Yandex.Checkout's help guide

Once you get both parameters, you can proceed with the configuration.

Setting up payment acceptance

Attention. Drupal 7.x allowed selecting whether the payment will be made on your store's side or on the yandex.Checkout's side. Drupal 8.x allows only payments on Yandex.Checkout's side, therefore, only the configuration for this payment scenario is available.

​1. Click the Management tab in the upper menu to open the website's dahsboard.​ Select Trading.

2. Select "Configuration".

3. Find the Payment block on the opened page and follow the Payment gateways link .

4. Find the line with the Yandex.Checkout payment gateway and click Edit to access the settings.

5. This is the Yandex.Checkout settings page. All Yandex.Checkout module's settings in Drupal 8.x are configured on this page.

Specify the shopId and Secret key that you received during onboarding with Yandex.Checkout.

  • shopId will appear in your Merchant Profile by itself when you sign up for the service,
  • Secret key is issued independently and requires activation in Merchant Profile. More in Yandex.Checkout's help guide

You can also enable the transmission of receipt data and specify the VAt rates if you're using the yandex.Checkout solution in accordance with Federal Law No. 54-FZ.

How to set up payment acceptance via Yandex.Billing

The configuration of payment acceptance via Yandex.Billing consists of three steps:

  1. Get the payment form settings at the Yandex.Billing website.
  2. Indicate these settings in the website's dashboard.
  3. Pay the fee for using the form.

How to get the payment form settings

1. Fill out the form template at the Yandex.Billing website: indicate "Payment for order" in the Name of product or service field. You don't need to fill out the Amount field, add other products, or additional fields, as this information is already included in your CMS.

What the form template looks like

2. Click Next and fill out the company questionnaire on the next page.

You will need to indicate:

  • your company's legal name and INN (TIN),
  • account's banking details,
  • email address where you'd like to receive payment notifications,
  • URL of the website where you're going to accept payments via Yandex.Billing.
What the company questionnaire looks like

3. Click Create form. Banking details, URL, and other provided information will be sent for verification. It will take a couple of minutes.

4. If everything's in order, you will receive an email containing the form's parameters and banking details for paying the fee.

Body of the email

How to configure settings in the dashboard

1. Select Configuration — System — Yandex.Money 2.0 module settings in the website's dashboard.

2. View the Yandex.Billing tab and check the Enable payment acceptance via Yandex.Billing box.

3. Copy the Form ID parameter from the email you received from Yandex.Billing after setting up the form to the Yandex.Billing's identifier field.

4. In the Payment purpose field, indicate everything that will help distinguish the payment made via Yandex.Billing. This text will be included in the payment order.

5. Save the settings. All you need to do now is pay for the form and start accepting payments.

The form on your website will look like this

How to pay for the form

  1. Open the email containing the form's code and the banking details for paying a fee.
  2. Pay 3,000 rubles using the banking details of the settlement account that you will use for accepting payments (otherwise, the fee will not be considered as paid).
  3. As soon as we receive the funds, we will activate the form and send you an email. The duration depends on your bank, but it shouldn't take more than 3 days.
  4. Make a test payment for a small amount: check that the form works properly, and the money can reach your account.

That's it, you can accept payments now.

Attention. One paid fee covers all the forms that you select for your company (we check by INN (TIN) indicated during the creation of the form). Limitations on quantity and amount of payments also apply to all forms at the same time.