Yandex.Checkout for amoCRM

How to implement the widget and connect to Yandex.Checkout

  1. Log in to your amoCRM account. In the side menu, select Settings, then Integration.
  2. Find the Yandex.Checkout widget in the list and open it. Check the I consent to data processing and accept the license agreement box and click Implement.

    Consent to data processing is necessary so that Yandex.Checkout could work with your data from amoCRM.

    License agreement is a contract for using the Yandex.Checkout module.

    On the widget page, you can configure the status of the transaction after payment. You can do this before or after implementing the widget.

  3. To start accepting payments, log in to your Yandex account. The login page will open in the same window automatically when during module implementation.
  4. Select the account which you used for signing up with Yandex.Checkout and allow the AmoCRM app to access Yandex.Checkout.

  5. Select a store. If you have only one store connected to Yandex.Checkout, then immediately click Give access.

  6. If you didn't link your phone to your Yandex.Checkout account, specify the number and enter the code from the text message.

    If your phone is already linked, you will immediately receive a text message with the confirmation code.

  7. After that, the authorization window will close, and the widget description will include shopID stores as well as the option to change the store.

    To close the widget window, click any available part of the screen.

How to issue invoices

  1. Go to the Deals section, open the sales funnel, then the required transaction.
  2. In the transaction description, click the Yandex.Checkout widget.

  3. This opens a field where you can copy the payment link or send an email with the link. The invoice will be issued for the amount from the transaction description.

  4. The customer will see the payment form upon following the link. The available payment methods will be those you implemented in Yandex.Checkout.

  5. Click Invoice by Email, and the email with the invoice will be sent to the address from the transaction description.

  6. After the invoice is issued, the transaction status will change.