About Yandex.Checkout

Yandex.Checkout allows businesses to accept payments, transfer money to clients, and handle other task related to e-payments. You can activate it for a site, blog, or online service (for instance, a social network, or messenger).

Where Yandex.Checkout Operates

Online: it allows you to accept payments at online stores from bank cards and using other methods, pay for freelancers' services, issue invoices to your clients from the CRM systems, and many more.

Offline: it allows you to accept bank cards upon delivery (using a mPOS), create QR-codes, and issue invoices to clients in text messages for paying via mobile.

Who Can Work with Yandex.Checkout

Any companies incorporated in Russia or other countries (corporations and sole proprietors). Non-Russian residents meet special conditions.


We provide official registration: your company enters into a contract with Yandex.Checkout, after that we regularly send accounting statements, payment registers, and other financial instruments.

What Individuals Can Do

Individuals can use the Yandex.Money service: issue our bank card, pay for anything they need, and accept payments. Yandex.Money's Help


About Yandex.Checkout

What payment methods will appear after onboarding?

Bank cards—Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, and MIR

Yandex.Money—30 mln e-wallets

WebMoney—from WM Purses in rubles

QIWI Wallet—on QIWI's site or via QIWI Wallet app

Cash—via payment kiosks, ATMs, and mobile retail outlets

Online banking—Alfa-Click, Promsvyazbank, Sberbank Online

Mobile carrier billing—for clients of Beeline, Megafon, MTS, and Tele2 carriers


More about payment methods

View our commission rates

How does the payment process look like?

The buyer pushes Pay on your site and sees all available payment methods.

What is next depends on the method the buyer selected.

Detailed instructions for different methods

How much are the service's commission charges? Who pays them?

We only charge successful transfers. The onboarded stores and services pay these fees. We do not charge the buyers.

View our commission rates

When will the payments be credited?

We credit money to your company's checking account on the next day after the payment. Yandex.Checkout deducts commission from the payment amount.

View our commission rates

How do you guarantee security of the payments with bank cards?

All payments are preformed via the Yandex.Money service secured in accordance with Visa and Mastercard standards—this is attested by the PCI DSS standard. We undergo special review every year to keep this certificate.

View our certificate

About Onboarding

What documents do I need for onboarding?

For companies registered in Russia:

  • chief executive's passport
  • licenses (if your business is subject to licensing)
  • power of attorney (if the signatory of the contract is a representative).

More about documents

Companies registered outside of Russia need to complete identification: its process depends on your country's legislation. You can learn more from our managers. But first you need to apply for onboarding with Yandex.Checkout and fill out a questionnaire about your company. In this case the answer will be precise.

More about registering non-Russian residents

More about onboarding non-Russian residents

What are the terms and conditions of onboarding for non-Russian residents?

We onboard companies registered in different countries.

Special aspects:
  • non-Russian companies need to complete identification
  • they can select currency scheme.

Everything else is the same as for Russian companies.

More about onboarding non-Russian residents

Can corporations and sole proprietors accept payments without a contract?

Not through Yandex.Checkout. They can do so using Yandex.Billing: this is a service for accepting payments to a company account. This service applies slightly different terms of use and limits on turnover, but it is available without a contract. You only need to accept the offer.

Proceed to the Yandex.Billing site

Can individuals accept payments via Yandex.Checkout?

No, they cannot. Yandex.Checkout is a service only for companies. We have special services allowing individuals to accept payments to Yandex.Money's e-wallets:

  • payment forms
  • buttons
  • email invoicing

More about accepting payments by individuals

How much time does onboarding including integration take?

You can make it in 3 days.

Register on Yandex.Checkout, fill out a questionnaire about your company, and upload your passport's scanned copy—we will set payments for you in 3 days.

How much time the technical part of the integration will take depends on your tasks and specialists.

About documents

About technical integration

How do I place Yandex.Checkout's payment buttons on my site?

Depends on your system.

More about technical integration

Which CMSs have ready-made Yandex.Checkout's modules?

The modules are present in the most widely used CMS, SaaS, CRM, messengers, and frameworks. Check with our list

For OpenCart, PrestaShop, and WebAsyst, we developed a special Y.CMS—a module including several Yandex's services. Yandex.Checkout is among them.

What is a SSL certificate, and how do I get one?

SSL certificate encrypts details. You need it if you interact with us via HTTP: if you send requests for payments and receives notifications in the response. Custom made sites (implementation method: HTTP protocol) and ready-made engines (implementation method: Payment module) use this method for interaction with us.

If you process orders manually and get requests about payments via email (implementation method: Email protocol), you do not need such certificate.

Acquiring SSL certificate for your domain
  • You can do it via our partner, REG.RU. It is issued for free upon signing up with Yandex.Checkout for one year. You can get it under your Merchant Profile or request from your manager.
  • Or get one from other Certification Authorities.
  • From your hosting provider. Such certificates are often provided for free together with hosting services (you can check it with your provider's customer support).
  • You can get the certificate together with CMS, CRM, or other engine. The certificate is included in packages of some tariffs of 1C-Bitrix (Bitrix24), ABCP, Gollos, Insales, LPgenerator, Resonline, SiteEdit, Umi.ru, AutoWebOffice, and others.
  • You can create one by yourself (custom made certificate is only works for exchanging data between your and our services).

Note: we do not support the SSL with the SNI support (Server Name Identification).

About work with Yandex.Checkout

I do not remember my Merchant Profile's username or password. What to do?

You can have several usernames on Yandex. You have created the username for Yandex.Checkout in the course of the registration.

Finding this username

Look through the emails sent to the address you specified upon registering under your Merchant Profile (most likely, this is your primary email address).

We sent you an email notice after registration. Your Yandex.Checkout's username is in this message.

Sender: Yandex.Money

Subject: You have started a Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile

I remember the username, but I forgot the password

Restore access via Yandex.Passport. If you remember your code word, you can create a new password right away.

If you do not remember it, you will need to specify your details first.

I do not remember my username

Try to restore the access under Yandex.Passport (by the phone number).

Nothing helps

Apply for changing your username:
  1. Create a new account on Yandex. Memorize its username and password.
  2. Fill out the application and specify your new username in it. Let your chief executive sign it and place your company seal if you have one.
  3. Scan your application with the signature and seal and send us via email to merchants@money.yandex.ru. Specify subject: 'Restoring access to Yandex.Checkout Merchant Profile'.
  4. We will let you know when this new account will get the access.
How do I make refunds?

You have three options:

  1. Under your Merchant Profile: find a successful payment you need to return money for and push the button next to it—the refund is made.
  2. By a payment ordinance: fill out a paper form and bring it to the bank you have your company's checking account in (you may usually make this operation via online banking).
  3. Via Yandex.Checkout's protocol (for custom made sites and certain modules).

More about refunds

How do I get certificates for my accounting reports?

In electronic form

  • we send them to a special email address for these certificates (you can specify it under Merchant Profile),
  • upload them to your Yandex.Disk. The link to it is in the Certificates section of your Merchant Profile (this section is only available for our Russian partners).

In hard copy

  1. Print out the certificate you need in two copies, seal it, and sign it.
  2. Send them by post: 6 Svobody proshchad, Yandex.Money, NBCO LCC, Svoboda business center, 603006 Nizhny Novgorod, Russia
  3. We will get the certificates and send you back your copy.
How do I edit my bank account details?

You can edit them under your Merchant Profile in the Contract section. You will need to download an application form, print it out, sign it, and send its scanned copy back to us.

Our manager will get your application and update the details: you will see the result in your Merchant Profile.

Full instructions