Setting up a calendar

Settings for all calendars

To open the general settings for all calendars in Yandex.Calendar, click in the upper-right corner. Don't forget to save your changes.

Grid appearance

Specify the day your work week starts and the time your work day starts. Be sure to set the correct time zone.

If you want only your workdays to be visible in your calendar, disable the Show weekends option.

The calendar displays the current week by default. If you want it to display events for the day, the month, or events on your schedule in Schedule view, change your view settings in the drop-down list in the left-hand panel:

To learn more about Schedule view, go to Changing the calendar view.


Go to the Notifications tab. Enter an email address and phone number for receiving event notifications. If you don't want to receive notifications during out-of-office hours or while on holiday, enter the corresponding hours and dates. Yandex.Calendar won't send you any notifications at that time.

If you're not getting any event reminders, contact us about the problem via the form at the bottom of the page. Your message should contain the following information:

  • A link to the event
  • The selected notification method
  • The Yandex login of the person who invited you to the event
  • Your Yandex login

Settings for a specific calendar

To open the settings for a specific calendar, hover your mouse over the calendar name in the left-hand panel and click .

You can change the calendar title and color and specify when and how event notifications are sent.

You can also configure visibility settings for all new events. If you share your calendar with other users, they will be able to see all the event details in your calendar. However, you can make your events private so that this information is only visible to the event participants. To do this, enable theParticipants only option.

To learn more about granting your friends or co-workers access to your calendars, please see the Sharing a calendar section.