Setting up a calendar

Settings for all calendars

To open the general settings for all calendars in Yandex.Calendar, click in the upper right corner.


In this section, enter which email address and telephone number you want to send event notifications to. Toggle the Do not send notifications switch to the on position and you will not receive notifications. If you do not want to receive notifications during out-of-office hours or while on holiday, then enter those times and dates to tell Yandex.Calendar to not send notifications at those times.


In the Grid appearance section, you can select what default view your Yandex.Calendar takes — either day, week or month. You can also choose what the first day of a week is for your calendar and what time a day starts. Be sure to set the correct time zone.

Settings for a specific calendar

To open the settings for a specific calendar, mouse over a calendar name in the left hand panel and click .

You can change the calendar's title and color, as well when and how event notifications are sent.

To learn more on how to grant access to calendars for friends or colleagues, please see the Sharing a calendar section.