Welcome to the new Yandex.Calendar

Yandex.Calendar is a service for planning your day-to-day tasks, from regular events to important meetings.

Yandex.Calendar is constantly updating. It has recently undergone an update and has a new design to make it more user friendly and contemporary. Yandex hopes you enjoy the new design for Yandex.Calendar! Try out some of the new features — you might be surprised what you can do.

You can make the process of planning your everyday tasks with Yandex.Calendar easier:

Sends notifications via email and SMS
Yandex.Calendar reminds you about meetings by sending a message to your inbox or a free SMS message to your mobile phone.
Share calendars on separate subjects
You can create multiple calendars with different colors for various subjects such as work, studies, family and so on. This helps when navigating between your planned events.
Sync with your mobile devices
You can sync Yandex.Calendar with the calendar on your smartphone.

Get in touch if you have any feedback or suggestions for Yandex.Calendar.