Viewing calendars

Changing calendar view

The calendar displays the current week by default. If you want to display a single day or the whole month, change your view settings in the left-hand panel:

Going back to the current date

If you scrolled too far, there's a quick way to go back to the current date. Either click Today above the calendar grid or click Calendar in the top-left corner.

Skipping to a specific date

You can skip to any date using the left-hand panel:

Scrolling through days, weeks, and months in the calender grid

In Day view, you can switch between days using the top panel buttons. Use the same buttons to switch between weeks and months in Week view and Month view respectively. You can also use your mouse wheel to scroll through months in Month view.

Viewing all events for a particular day or week

If you can't see all events while in Day or Month view, there probably just isn't enough screen space. Scroll down with your mouse wheel or the scroll bar.