To-do lists

To-do lists are great for daily planning. If you already use Tasks in Yandex.Mail, they will be automatically displayed in Yandex.Calendar.

To open the to-do list panel, tap the icon in the upper left corner and choose To-do list.

  1. Creating or editing a list
  2. Creating a to-do
  3. Editing a to-do
  4. To-do notifications

Creating or editing a list

Tap Create to-do list at the bottom of the screen, enter the list's name, and tap Enter.

Tap the list to change its name.

To erase a list, tap its name and then tap the icon. Confirm your action.

Creating a to-do

  1. Expand the list you want to add a to-do to.
  2. Tap New to-do.
  3. Enter a name for the to-do. You can tap the icon and enter a deadline if needed.
  4. Then tap Enter on your keyboard.

If you have completed a to-do, you can remove it from the list by clicking the to-do, then clicking to the left of its name. The to-do will then be moved to the Completed tab in the to-do side menu. If you have accidentally marked a to-do as completed, you can uncheck the box next to it and it will return to its previous status.

Overdue to-dos are highlighted red and appear in the Expired tab.

Editing a to-do

Editing the name or the date
Tap the name of the to-do.
Changing deadlines
Tap the name of the to-do and then tap the icon.
To delete a to-do from a list
Tap the name of the to-do and then tap the icon.

To-do notifications

You can currently configure your to-do notifications only in the full version of the Calendar. To switch to the full version, tap the icon in the upper left corner and then tap Full version.

Setting up to-do notifications in the full version
  1. Tap in the upper right corner of your screen.
  2. In the To-do notifications section, check the boxes marked Send message with planned to-dos at <time> and Send message with expired to-dos at <time>. You do not need to check both boxes if you need only one of them.
  3. Set the time for receiving notifications.