Editing an event

Tap the event in the calendar grid, then tap . If you're editing a recurring meeting, you can choose to apply changes either to a particular event or to the whole series of events. Now you can add or remove participants, , or change the event's time and location. After you're done editing, tap in the upper-right corner of the screen.

Specific cases of editing a recurring meeting:

If one of the recurring meetings is canceled
Attention. Make sure you're canceling the meeting for all the participants and not just skipping the meeting yourself.
  1. Tap the event in the calendar grid, then tap .
  2. Select Only this event.
  3. Tap Delete event at the bottom of the screen.

The meeting will be canceled for all participants.

When you need to skip one of the recurring meetings, but other participants are still attending it
Attention. You can't opt out of a meeting if you're the one who organized it. In this case, you can only cancel the meeting for everyone involved.
  1. Tap the event in the calendar grid.
  2. In the lower-left corner, select Not going.
  3. Leave a comment for the organizer.
  4. Tap Not going this time.

One of the recurring meetings will be deleted from your calendar.