Pricing of Yandex.Mail for Business

Restriction. Paid options of Yandex.Mail for Business are unavailable in some countries. If you want to use the paid options, please contact us at

Yandex.Mail for Business offers two service plans:

₽129 per month per employee
Each employee of the company gets additional options:
  • No ads in Yandex.Mail.
  • Priority support.
  • IMAP support.

The cost of the plan is ₽129 per user per month, VAT included.

Employees work with Yandex.Mail without additional options.

For using paid options, you'll be issued an invoice and certificate of service once a month. The cost of services is calculated depending on the number of users who were connected to the company during the month.

  1. Cost calculation
  2. Change the service plan

Cost calculation

The cost of using Yandex.Mail for Business depends on the number of users in the company. This number may change throughout the month. To factor in the change, the cost of using Mail is calculated daily. The monthly cost of services is the result of adding up the cost for all days in the month.

The cost of using Mail per day is calculated using the formula:

Cost per day = ₽100 / Number of days per month × Number of users

When calculating the number of users on a particular day, the total number of unique users in the company on that day is taken into account.

As an example, let's say the company had 10 users at the beginning of the day. You deactivated 2 of them and activated 3 new ones. The total number of unique users in the company on this day is 13. You are charged for 13 users on this day.

Example of calculating the monthly cost of Yandex.Mail for Business:

Let's say the number of company employees in January changed like this:

  1. 14 days with 9 employees
  2. 17 days with 15 employees

In January, the daily price of Mail use per employee is:

100 / 31 = 3,23 ₽

As the number of employees changed, the price of Mail use in January is:

3,23 × (14 × 9 + 17 × 15) =  1230 ₽

Change the service plan

To activate or deactivate paid options of Yandex.Mail for Business, change the plan:

  1. Go to the Yandex.Mail for Business page.
  2. Click Change plan.
  3. Select a new plan and click Change plan.