A record

If you want your domain address to redirect users to your website, you need to set up an A and (or) AAAA record for your domain.

A records point to the IP address of the server that your site is located on in IPv4 format. AAAA records serve the same purpose, but contain the server address in IPv6 format.

If you delegated your domain to Yandex servers, you must configure an A record and an AAAA record in Yandex 360 for Business. When a domain is linked to a company, the existing DNS records are automatically copied to the domain page in Yandex 360 for Business. If this doesn't happen or you want to add a new site, create an A and an AAAA record in the DNS editor in Yandex 360 for Business.

Configure A and AAAA records

  1. Log in to the company admin account and go to the Domains page.
  2. Create an A record and set the following field values:

    • Type: A.
    • Host:
      • To specify the site IP address for the primary domain (for example, example.org), enter the @ symbol.
      • To provide the website IP address for a subdomain, enter the part of the subdomain name that is separated from the primary domain name by a dot. For example: for the sub.example.org subdomain, enter sub.
    • In the IPv4/IPv6 field, enter the IP address of the server that hosts your website. For example:
    • TTL: 21600.
  3. If the site has multiple IP addresses, create the same A records for each IP address.
  4. To create an AAAA record, follow the same steps for creating an A record. Enter the server IP address in IPv6 format as the value of the AAAA record, for example 2a02:4b7:b070:7310::1:8.
  5. Wait for the changes to take effect. It may take up to 72 hours for DNS servers to exchange updated data about DNS records.