Set up DNS records

DNS records (or DNS resource records) contain service information about the domain name (e.g. the mail gateway address or the IP address of a website located on the domain).

Set up DNS records for your domain so that you can use Yandex.Mail for Business.

Record type Subdomain name Priority Value
MX @ 10
TXT (SPF) @ N/A v=spf1
TXT (DKIM) mail._domainkey N/A Copy the value from Yandex.Mail settings
CNAME mail N/A

You can manage your DNS records on the website of your DNS hosting provider (the company that provides DNS servers for your domain). If you delegated your domain to Yandex servers, manage your DNS records in .

Note. If you confirmed that you own the domain, you can use Yandex.Connect to add DNS records before delegating the domain to Yandex servers. However, they will only become active once you delegate your domain.

Learn more about setting up DNS records: