Configure syncing

When syncing, accounts found in Active Directory using the set filters are imported to Yandex 360 for Business. To learn more about the attributes of accounts that are uploaded to Yandex 360 for Business, go to How syncing works.

To set up filters to search for accounts in Active Directory:

  1. Launch Connect Directory Sync and go to Sync settings.
  2. In the Search area (DN) field, enter the Distinguished Name of the object where you want to search for accounts. For example, to search for accounts in the domain, enter DC=EXAMPLE,DC=COM.
  3. In the LDAP filter field, set the filter to search for accounts in the specified area. The default filter selects all user accounts:
    Attention. Make sure you have filled in the Search area (DN) and LDAP filter fields.
  4. To filter accounts by their relative unique name (RDN), enter a regular expression to search for the specified text fragment in the RDN in the RDN contains or RDN does not contain fields.

    For example, if you don't want the search results to include the Service department accounts, go to RDN does not contain and enter .*ou=Service.*.

  5. To search for active user accounts (with the UserAccountControl=NORMAL_ACCOUNT attribute value), enable Only accounts with NORMAL attribute. To search for all types of accounts, disable the option.
  6. To avoid syncing accounts that are blocked in Active Directory, enable the Skip blocked accounts option.
  7. To add new employee accounts to a specific department in your company, enter the department number in Department ID.
    Note. You can manage departments in Yandex.Connect.
  8. For scheduled syncing, select Enable filter syncing and set up a schedule.