Keyboard shortcuts

Restriction. You can't disable or customize browser shortcuts. The only exception is keyboard shortcuts for extensions.
Tabs, bookmarks, and history
Tabs Create new tab

Ctrl + T

Open link in new tab

Ctrl + click link

Open link in new tab and switch to it

Ctrl + Shift + click link

Close active tab

Ctrl + W

Ctrl + F4

Open last closed tab

Ctrl + Shift + T

Move one tab to right

Ctrl + Tab

Ctrl + PageDown

Move one tab to left

Ctrl + Shift + Tab

Ctrl + PageUp

Select tab by its number order (from 1 to 8)

Ctrl + 1-8

Select last tab

Ctrl + 9

Open tab control panel

Ctrl + Shift + E

Bookmark manager Create new bookmark for current page

Ctrl + D

Create bookmarks for all open pages

Ctrl + Shift + D

Open bookmark manager

Ctrl + Shift + O

Enable or disable bookmarks bar

Ctrl + Shift + B

History Open list of downloads

Ctrl + J

Open history

Ctrl + H

Open the tool for clearing your browsing data, cache, and downloads

Ctrl + Shift + Del

Create new window

Ctrl + N

Create a new window in Incognito mode

Ctrl + Shift + N

Close active window

Alt + F4

Open link in new window

Shift + click link

Maximize window to full screen


Exit full-screen mode


Navigation Go back

Alt +

Go forward

Alt +

Go to Yandex home page

Alt + Home

Stop page loading


Refresh page


Refresh the page without using the cache (load page from the site)

Ctrl + F5

Ctrl + R

Scroll the page up one screen

Shift + Space


Scroll the page down one screen



Scroll the page horizontally Shift + scroll the mouse wheel
Go back to the top of the page


Go to the end of the page


Go to the next interactive element Tab
Go to the previous interactive element Shift + Tab
Current page Save page as

Ctrl + S

Print page

Ctrl + P

Increase page zoom

Ctrl + Plus

Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel up

Decrease page zoom

Ctrl + Minus

Ctrl + scroll the mouse wheel down

Set page zoom at 100%

Ctrl + 0

Switch reader mode on or off Alt + B
Edit Select all

Ctrl + A


Ctrl + C


Ctrl + X


Ctrl + V

Keep source formatting

not available


Ctrl + Z

Open file

Ctrl + O

Search Find on current page

Ctrl + F


Find next on page

Ctrl + G

Find previous on page

Ctrl + Shift + G

Address bar
Open address in new tab

Alt + Enter

Go to the address bar and open Tableau

Ctrl + L

Alt + D


Go to the address bar and use the default search engine

Ctrl + K

Ctrl + E

Select text in address bar

Ctrl + L

Alt + D

Move cursor to previous word

Ctrl +

Move cursor to next word

Ctrl +

Delete word in front of cursor

Ctrl + Backspace

Add www. and .com to address and open URL

Ctrl + Enter

Open Tableau

Ctrl + T

Go to a site after opening Tableau

Alt + 1, 2...

Developer tools
View source code

Ctrl + U

Open the developer tools on the Elements tab and enable page elements view mode

Ctrl + Shift + C


Open developer tools (last tab open)

Ctrl + Shift + I

Open the JavaScript console

Ctrl + Shift + J

Open the browser menu

Alt + F

Alt + E

Open task manager (when tabs and windows freeze)

Shift + Esc

Switch to a different user account

Ctrl + Shift + M

Close browser

Ctrl + Shift + Q

Minimize browser

not available

Download file (epub, pdf formats) without previewing

Alt + click link

Send link by email

not available

Use special characters

not available

Go to the Help page