Protect: filter out the most annoying ad formats

Yandex Browser filters out bothersome ad formats according to IAB Russia Association recommendations. It sets criteria for high-quality ads in Runet and promotes the development of interactive advertising that reflects a user's interests.

  1. What ads get filtered out?
  2. Allow annoying ads
  3. An ad page opens

What ads get filtered out?

To learn more about the recommendations Yandex Browser follows when filtering ads, view presentations of the IAB Russia Industrial Committee for the Improvement of Advertising.

Allow annoying ads

  1. Click   → Settings → Tools.
  2. In the Ad blocker section, disable the Block ads that get in the way when viewing pages option.

An ad page opens

Disable all extensions. Close Yandex Browser by pressing Ctrl + Shift + Q. Restart Yandex Browser and check whether the extensions have turned on. If they are, or if the ad appears even with the extensions disabled, check your computer for unwanted software using Yandex Rescue Tool. To remove unwanted software, use the same tool.