Connection status

Icons that indicate connection status and allow you to determine your security level are displayed on the right side of the SmartBox.

Security status icons

Attention! The connection status icon is typically displayed to the right of the rest of the icons against a contrasting background color. However, it can shift to the left when Wi-Fi protection is enabled or Turbo mode is active on HTTP sites.
Icon Description
Uses HTTP protocol.
Uses the HTTPS protocol, which protects data being sent by encrypting it. Additionally, the site has a current SSL certificate of extended validation (EV). In this case, the domain name is also shown in green.
Uses the HTTPS protocol, but the site's certificate is less secure than EV.
Uses the HTTPS protocol and the site has a current EV certificate, but there are dangerous elements loaded on the page.
Data transfer may not be secure. This icon appears if the page has a form that sends data over the HTTP protocol without encryption, or if Yandex is not familiar with the publisher of the page's locally-installed certificate, or if images load over an unsecure protocol on a page that loads over HTTPS.
, This page contains dangerous elements or ads blocked by Antishock.
This website may harm your computer. For example, scripts from unsecure sources might load to the page over the HTTP protocol.

Get detailed information about connection security

To get detailed information about your connection status (for example, about the site's certificate, the encryption protocol used, or dangerous contents that were blocked), follow these steps:

  1. Open a page on the site.
  2. In the right part of the SmartBox, click any icon in the Protect toolbar.
  3. Click the More info link in the section where connection status displays in the window that appears.

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