Connection status

Icons that indicate connection status and allow you to determine the security level are displayed in the SmartBox:

  • — uses the HTTPS protocol, which protects data transfer security thanks to encoding; the site has a current SSL certificate of extended validation(EV). In this case, the domain name is also shown in green.
  • — uses the HTTPS protocol, but the site's certificate is less secure than EV.
  • — uses the HTTPS protocol and the site has a current EV certificate, but there are dangerous elements loaded on the page.
  • — The security of data transfer is doubtful. This icon might appear if the page has a form that sends data over the HTTP protocol without encryption, or if Yandex is not familiar with the publisher of the page's locally-installed certificate, or if images load over an unsecure protocol on a page that loads over HTTPS.
  • — the page contains dangerous elements.
  • — this website may be harmful to your computer. For example, scripts from unsecure sources might load to the page over the HTTP protocol.

To get details about the security of a connection, click the lock icon in the SmartBox and go to the Connection tab in the dialog window that opens:

site security indicators
icons in page headers
lock in page header
certificate not trusted
certificate expired