Protect: protected mode

To make electronic payments more secure, Yandex.Browser enables protected mode on all bank and payment-system pages. A list of secure pages is put together automatically, but you can add to it manually.

Attention! We encourage you to only make e-payments using protected mode.

What is protected mode?

Note. Protected mode is only available for Windows.

Protected mode is enabled automatically when you open internet banking and/or payment system websites. The top bar and browser tabs turn dark-grey and the mode name is displayed to the right of the SmartBox:

In protected mode Yandex.Browser:

  • Disables all extensions except for passwords checked by a Yandex manager, such as LastPass. We do this, because if malware is embedded in an extension, your payment details could be stolen or replaced.
  • HTTPS certificate authentication is enabled. Protected mode will not be enabled if the bank certificate is outdated, is not valid or if it is not on the trusted certificates list. It will also not switch on if certificates that Yandex does not recognize are used (which were installed by users themselves or the network administrator). Please note that in the latter case an administrator can access your data.

Enabling protected mode on a page

Protected mode is enabled by default on online-payment pages (these pages are found on bank and payment-system websites). You can also add any page that uses HTTPS to the list of secure pages manually by following these steps:

  1. Click in the SmartBox.
  2. Select the Open in protected mode option in the dialog window that appears.

Disabling protected mode on the page

Attention! If you are going to make payments from a web page, we strongly recommend that you do not disable protected mode.

You can disable protected mode if you enabled it by mistake.

  1. Click the Protected mode link to the right of the SmartBox.
  2. Click Disable in the dialog window that appears.

Disable protected mode for all websites

Attention! By disabling protected mode for all websites you expose your data to danger. We recommend that you not disable protection.

To fully disable protected mode:

  1. click the icon  Settings.
  2. In the lower half of the Settings page, click Show advanced settings.
  3. In the System section, disable the Open online-banking and payment-system pages in protected mode option.
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