Protect toolbar

The Protect toolbar shows you your current security status and makes it easy to access your security settings. It can be found on the right side of the SmartBox and includes one or more icons.

The main icon is the one farthest to the right against a contrasting background color. Click on this icon to get additional information about your security status and control your security settings:

The main icon is typically the connection status (represented by a lock or globe depending on your status). Icons that draw the user's attention to security threats can also appear in the main spot. For example, appears if you open a website that distributes malware. When Protected Wi-Fi is turned on or Turbo mode is enabled on an HTTP site, the connection status icon shifts to the left.

Information about security status

To get information about security status, click on the main icon in the Protect toolbar. To get additional information about certificates and encryption methods used or about special website permissions, click on the More info link in the section where the connection status displays in the window that appears.

Security settings

You can configure general security settings, which will apply to all sites you visit unless you disable them, in the Protect toolbar.

  1. Click on on any icon in the Protect toolbar.
  2. From the Security settings, select one or more of the options listed:
Tip. You can also turn Turbo mode and Wi-Fi protection on or off in the Protect toolbar. Your settings will remain active until you restart your browser.