Protect: blocking intrusive ads

Yandex.Browser lets you hide intrusive ads on individual sites (such as ads that cover most of the page content or redirect you to suspicious sites without your consent).

How to block intrusive ads on a page

To hide intrusive ads:

  1. Go to the site that has intrusive advertising.
  2. Click   → Block annoying ads. You will see a message about hidden advertising at the top of the page, with the page shown under it.
  3. You can specify exactly which ad is bothering you – click it and the ad block turns black.
  4. Click Hide advertising.

The browser will hide all ads on the site until you choose to display them again.

How to train the browser to recognize bad advertising

Every time you hide an ad, information is sent to Yandex:

  • The page with the advertising that bothered you.
  • Which ad blocks you indicated on this page.

This information helps collect samples of ads that are good or bad from the user's point of view. We use this to train the browser to automatically differentiate between these types of advertising.

In the future, users won't see bad advertising in Yandex.Browser.

Changing your decision to block an ad

To unblock advertising on a site:

  1. Go to the site where you blocked advertising.
  2. Click   → Unblock ads.