Turbo mode

What is Turbo mode?

Turbo mode is activated when the internet connection with the browser is slow. Thanks to Turbo mode, you can quickly load pages and save money using a USB modem or in places with public Wi-Fi. This is especially important while roaming or when you are reaching your data limit on your plan.

In Turbo mode, page content (including videos) are sent to the Yandex server, compressed, and then sent to the browser on the user's computer.

Restriction. In Turbo mode, only webpage data that you open in the browser ends up on Yandex servers. Personal data entered during e-payments and in authorization forms does not end up on Yandex servers since Turbo mode does not apply to pages that are protected using the HTTPS protocol.
When Turbo mode is activated, the Turbo icon appears in the right part of the SmartBox.

Automatically enable or disable Turbo mode

Two thresholds determine when Turbo mode switches on and off:

  • Turbo mode is enabled when connection speed falls below 128 Kbit/s, and remains on until the speed exceeds 512 Kbit/s.
  • When the connection speed exceeds 512 Kbit/s, Turbo automatically switches off (and the icon in the SmartBox disappears). Turbo mode remains off until the speed falls below 128 Kbit/s.

    Restriction. You can't adjust the speed thresholds for switching Turbo mode on and off.

Unloaded page elements

When Turbo mode is enabled, certain page elements (such as video ads from other sites) may not load. A placeholder may appear in their place with the message “Some page content has been hidden to reduce loading times”. To load the hidden content, click the placeholder.

Compressing video

When Turbo mode is enabled, Yandex.Browser compresses videos by default, which saves up to 70% of traffic, but reduces picture quality. To view videos without sacrificing quality, disable video compression:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. In the Turbo section, turn off the Compress video option.

How to enable or disable Turbo mode

If you don't want Turbo mode to turn on/off automatically (in response to your connection speed), you can control it manually. That way it will stay on or off until you restart your browser. If you want Turbo mode to remain on/off even after you restart your browser, change your settings.

  1. In the right part of SmartBox, click any Protect toolbar icon.
  2. Flip the Turbo mode switch to On.

Mode settings

You can manually turn Turbo mode on or off in your settings (which will also prevent it from launching automatically). Additionally, you can disable video compression and turn off speed notifications. All settings are saved even after you restart your browser.

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. In the Turbo section, set Turbo mode parameters.
Option Description
Automatically enable for low connection speeds This way, Yandex.Browser operates by default. Turbo mode automatically turns on when connection speed is low and turns off when it's fast.
Always on Turbo mode is always on, and the icon is displayed in the right part of the page header. For a fast internet connection, Turbo mode might slow down page loading.
Off Turbo mode is disabled. When the internet connection is slow, the icon is displayed in the right part of the page header (enabling Turbo mode is recommended).
Notify me about changes in connection speed You will get messages from Yandex.Browser about changes in connection speed and the status of Turbo mode.
Compress video Video compression is enabled by default in Turbo mode. You can disable video compression to improve its quality.