Reader mode

What is reader mode?

Use Reader mode to view pages with only the text and accompanying images or videos. Other page elements, such as banners, interactive site management tools, and social media buttons, are hidden.

You can adjust the font size or background color to reduce the stress on your eyes.

Tip. You can free up some more space for the text by removing the upper Yandex Browser panel from the screen . To do this, switch to the full-screen mode by pressing F11. To exit the full-screen mode, press F11 again.

Switch to Reader mode

Restriction. If the SmartBox doesn't contain the  icon, it means you can't enable reader mode for this page.
In the SmartBox, click .

When switching to another page or tab, you need to re-enable Reader mode.

Customize reader mode

In the settings panel under the SmartBox, you can change the background color, font, and text size. The layout you have selected will be used by default for all documents newly opened in the reader mode.

As you scroll the page, the settings panel disappears. To see it again, go back to the top of the page.

Keyboard shortcuts to navigate the page

Keyboard shortcuts
Scroll the page up one screen

Shift + Space


Scroll the page down one screen



Go back to the top of the page


Go to the end of the page


Disable Reader mode

Exit Reader mode
Click  (Reader mode).
To turn off the Reader mode button in the SmartBox:
  1. Click   → Settings → Interface.
  2. In the SmartBox section, disable the Show Reader Mode button option.