Personal user profile

What is a personal profile?

A personal profile is a personalized set of browser settings: the browser appearance, bookmarks, history, passwords, autofill forms, and installed extensions and plug-ins.

If your computer is used by several people, we recommend that you create a separate personal profile for each user in Yandex.Browser. This will prevent mixing your personal settings and data with others'.

Creating a profile

To create your profile:

  1. click the icon  Settings.
  2. In the User profiles section, click Add a profile.
  3. Choose a profile icon.
  4. Set a profile name.
  5. If necessary, turn off the option Create a desktop shortcut for this user.
  6. Click Add.

A new Yandex.Browser window will be created with the selected profile icon.

Switching between profiles

  1. Click the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the browser.
  2. Select the desired profile in the menu that appears.

As a result, a new window opens for the selected profile.

Personal profile and syncing

You can use syncing to store your settings on a special Yandex server. This allows you to:

  • save Yandex.Browser settings even if your computer breaks down
  • open Yandex.Browser with your personal settings on any computer or mobile device
  • Call phone numbers found in the internet, without dialing them on your phone (see Push to Call).
Attention! To avoid mixing settings and data from multiple profiles, we recommend creating a separate personal profile in Yandex.Browser for each Yandex username.

If your browser has multiple profiles, make sure you are in your own browser profile before syncing (otherwise you might mix your settings and data with data from someone else's profile that is currently active).

To start synchronization:

  1. Switch to the appropriate profile.
  2. Click the profile icon in the upper-right corner of the browser.
  3. Click Log in.

A page opens where you need to enter the username and password you use in Yandex.

Changing the profile name

To change the profile name:

  1. Switch to the desired profile.
  2. click the icon  Settings.
  3. Go toUser Profiles and click the line containing the profile name.
  4. Click the Change button.
  5. In the Edit profile window, enter a new name.
  6. Click the Save button.

Deleting a profile

To delete a profile from your computer:

  1. click the icon  Settings.
  2. Go toUser Profiles and click the line containing the profile name.
  3. Click the icon.
  4. In the Delete user window, confirm that you want to delete the profile and all related data.

Attention! If the profile is not synchronized, you will not be able to restore saved data.

If the profile was synced, its data is still stored on the server even after deleting it on the local computer.

To delete a profile from the server:

  1. Switch to the selected profile in your browser.
  2. Click  Sync.
  3. Click the link delete.
  4. In the Would you like to delete this information? window, confirm deleting all the profile data from the synchronization server.
Note. Data from other profiles will be saved.
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