Yandex Browser shows notifications from:

Yandex services

Yandex services send notifications about weather changes, traffic conditions, emergencies, and other events. You can choose what kind of notifications you want to see.

Note. To save the settings, log in with your Yandex ID. If you are not logged in, the notification settings are saved in the Yandex Browser cookie file and deleted the next time you clear the cookies.

Select the types of notifications you want to receive.

On the side panel
  1. Click .
  2. In the upper-right corner, click   → Settings.
  3. Select notifications.

If you don't need the  icon, right-click the side panel and deselect Notifications.

On a new tab
  1. Click   → Settings → Interface.
  2. Under Home screen, click Informer and notification settings.
  3. Select notifications.
Pop-up notifications
  1. Click   → Settings → Websites.
  2. In the Notifications section, click Yandex services.
  3. On the In Yandex Browser tab, select notifications.

From other sites

Websites can send notifications about news, comments, updates, and other events. Sites usually request permission to send notifications, but sometimes they can do this without permission. In Yandex Browser, you can allow or block notifications from a specific website, or disable notifications from all sites.

The first time you open a site that sends notifications to users, Yandex Browser asks you if you want to allow or block notifications from the site. When notifications are enabled, you can see the  icon in the SmartBox.

Block or allow notifications from the site

In the notification, click   → Prevent <website> from sending notifications.

Prevent sites from suggesting notifications
  1. Click   → Settings → Websites.
  2. Under Requests to send notifications, select Don't show requests.

After that, websites will not offer notifications anymore. Sites that you have already allowed to send notifications will continue sending them. You need to block such notifications for each site individually.