This section contains answers to questions that users frequently submit to Yandex.Browser tech support.

Questions about the interface


How do I edit the Tableau?

What does the lock on Tableau widgets mean?

Why can't I edit the address of a widget on the Tableau?


Will animated backgrounds slow down the computer and wear down the battery?

Can I put my own background in the new browser?

Don't fancy backgrounds slow down the browser?

Questions about browser settings

Can I transfer my settings from the alpha version of the browser to the beta version?

How does the browser protect its settings?

How does the browser protect the default search engine?

What happens when browser settings are reset?

How can I disable the browser update in the background?

Questions about extensions

What extensions are not supported by Yandex.Browser?

How to get rid of intrusive advertising on websites?

FAQs about Yandex.Browser for Windows 10

How do I set the default browser?

How do I pin the browser to the taskbar?

How do I pin the browser to the first screen in the Start menu?


Where is the “Y” button for going to the Yandex home page?

Why is text visibility poor in the window title on dark-colored websites?

Will the browser have a “home page”?

Which search engine is used by default?

Does the new browser consume more resources than the old one?

Will there be a mobile version of the new browser?

Why can't I see where a link goes when I point the mouse at it?

The site domain is hidden. How can a user know if it is a fake version of

Browser Backgrounds
browser tabs
browser settings