Other questions

Where is the “Y” button for going to the Yandex home page?

We decided to experiment and removed the “Y” button. If it becomes clear that users need it, we'll put it back.

Why is text visibility poor in the window title on dark-colored websites?

Future versions of the browser will detect the website background color and change the color of the header and text in the header accordingly.

Will the browser have a “home page”?

No, it is not in the plans.

Which search engine is used by default?

The Yandex search engine is used by default. The user can change it in the browser settings.

Does the new browser consume more resources than the old one?

The alpha version is too early to judge performance and resource consumption, but it will not be any worse than in the current browser. We are constantly striving to speed up and optimize the browser.

Will there be a mobile version of the new browser?

It is in the plans.

Why can't I see where a link goes when I point the mouse at it?

In future versions, you will be able to make settings to show the link URL when pointing at it.

The site domain is hidden. How can a user know if it is a fake version of

We do understand that not showing the site address potentially lowers security, and we will find a good solution for this. Our Protect system blocks links to dangerous websites and protects against most phishing and fraudulent websites.

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