Lightweight mode

In lightweight mode, Yandex.Browser works faster on weak computers. With this mode, some functionalities that are not very essential for the user (such as browser element animations) are disabled in order to conserve resources.

  1. How lightweight mode works

How lightweight mode works

Lightweight mode turns on in order to conserve resources on weak computers (such as when users have less than 2 GB of RAM or 1 CPU core).

In Yandex.Browser lightweight mode:

  • FPS pages are reduced
  • Animations in browser elements are disabled if they expend a lot of processor resources
  • Ad animations are disabled
  • Background tabs become less active
  • Videocards are always used to play videos
  • Background animation is disabled
  • The “transparency” of the upper toolbar is disabled
  • Only the active tab is restored when you restart the browser