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Push to Call

What is Push to Call?

You can call a phone number listed on a website without dialing it manually. Yandex.Browser sends the number from your computer to your smartphone automatically.

This requires:

  1. computerYandex.Browser must be installed on both your smartphone and .
  2. Enable syncing on both your computer and your smartphone.
  3. Use the same Yandex account on all devices for syncing.

When syncing with your smartphone, Push to Call is automatically enabled. If you sync your computer with multiple smartphones (for example, an iPhone and an Android phone), the call notification will appear on all the phones at once.

How do I make a call?

If the Push to Call option is on, phone numbers on websites are underlined with a dotted line. To send a phone number to your smartphone:

  1. Open a web page in Yandex.Browser on your computer and tap the phone number.
  2. Tap Call.

The phone number appears on the screen of your smartphone. Now tap the call button.

A call from Yandex.Browser will appear on your smartphone. Touch this notification to call. The number from the notification will be entered automatically.

Correcting the number

If necessary, you can edit the telephone number to dial. To do this:

  1. Open a web page in Yandex.Browser on your computer and tap the phone number.
  2. Tap the phone number in the window that opens and use the keyboard to make changes.
  3. Tap Call.

Viewing notifications about missed calls

If you missed the call notification, open the notification area on your smartphone. Click the notification from Yandex.Browser to call.


To disable Push to Call:

  1. In the desktop browser, click  Settings.
  2. In the lower half of the Settings page, click Show advanced settings.
  3. Go to the Web content section.
  4. Turn off the Find telephone numbers to call from mobile phone option.
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