Delete browser data

Yandex Browser Lite allows you to delete cache and cookie files from your device. You can do this to protect your privacy or to free up space in your memory.

  1. What is the cache?
  2. What is a cookie?
  3. How to delete data

What is the cache?

The browser cache is a folder with copies of certain data (for example, images or songs you listened to) from pages that you have visited. The next time you view pages, Yandex.Browser Lite will not have to query this data from the internet, but will rather retrieve it from the cache. Using the cache reduces the network load and speeds up page loading.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small files that the browser uses to record data about sites you've visited. Usually sites save cookies in the user’s browser in order to easily “recognize” the user (for example, to avoid asking for their username and password again after the user recently visited a given site).

Using cookies has some privacy risks. For example, if another person uses your device and your passwords are saved as cookies, that person can sign into your accounts on various websites. Someone can use your cookies to find out what pages you’ve visited or discover correlations between various pages you’ve viewed.

How to delete data

  1. On the right side of the SmartBox, tap .
  2. Tap the icon.
  3. Tap Clear data.
  4. Flip the switch to:
    • cache only, if you only want to delete the cache
    • all data, if you want to delete both the cache and cookies
  5. Touch the Clear button.

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