Clearing browser data

You can clear cache memory and cookies from your device with Yandex Browser Lite. This is so you can protect your privacy or simply free up space on your device.

  1. What is a cache?
  2. What are cookies?
  3. How to clear browser data

What is a cache?

Your browser cache is a folder with copies of some data (such as images you have seen or music you have listened to) from pages which you have previously visited. Upon visiting the same page again, Yandex Browser Lite will not request this information from the internet and instead extract it from the cache on your device. Using a cache reduces load on your internet connection and improves page loading times.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files in which the browser can record data from sites visited by you. Usually, sites that store cookies in the user's browser are so that they "recognize" the user. For example, with cookies you don't need to repeatedly enter your username and password for a site where you recently signed in.

Using cookies may also lead to potential risks to your privacy. For example, if your device is used by a stranger or third party, and your browser cookies remember your password details for a particular site, then that person is able to access your account on that site. Through cookies it is possible to know what sites you visit, or identify the relationship between page views of different site pages.

How to clear browser data

  1. To the right of the SmartBox tap .
  2. Then tap .
  3. Tap Clear data.
  4. A window will appear with two options to choose from:
    • Select Cached data if you want to only clear the cache.
    • Select All data if you want to clear both the cache and cookies.
  5. Tap Clear.