Recommendations from Yandex Zen

What is Yandex Zen?

Yandex Zen is a personal recommendation service from Yandex. It selects news, blog posts and other content which you might be interested in. Content is selected based on your browsing history and your selected preferences. Recommendations appear automatically in the browser as soon as it has collected enough material for analysis.

Your recommendations are displayed as a vertically-scrolling feed on screen. The headline of the first one in your feed will appear in the lower part of your screen when you open a new tab. You can swipe up on your screen to see more entries in the feed.

To read content, tap a recommendation from the feed and it will open in a new tab.

Tip. Yandex Zen is integrated not only in the Lite version of Yandex Browser, but also the mobile and desktop versions. If you read Yandex Zen on different devices, then you should sync your recommendation feeds. As a result, your recommendations from Yandex Zen will improve because it is taking into account which sites you visit on all your devices. You can learn more about syncing Yandex Zen across multiple devices in the Yandex Zen help section.

How to sign into Yandex Zen

In order for Yandex Zen to create a recommended content feed based on your interests, you need to sign into the service.

  1. Open the Yandex Zen site in Yandex Browser Lite.
  2. Tap  in the top left corner.
  3. Tap Sign in to Zen.
  4. Enter your username and password for your Yandex account. If you have not yet registered a Yandex account, then tap Register and fill out the necessary details to create an account.
  5. Tap Sign in.

Getting started with Yandex Zen

When opening the recommendations feed for the first time in Yandex Browser Lite, Yandex Zen will ask you to select from various categories and content that you are interested in.

  1. On this screen, select the sites, categories or content that you want to see in your recommendations feed. This list is generated automatically from the most popular categories in Yandex Zen. For your convenience, the list is broken down by subject, such as news, technology, entertainment and so on.
  2. Once you are done, tap Go to feed.

How to configure your recommendations feed

Yandex Zen creates a recommended content feed based on your interests by analyzing what content you read on the internet. This process takes some time. You can shorten the time it takes by rating content right in your Yandex Zen feed:

  • If you like a piece of content, then tap  in the bottom right of the recommendation, and Yandex Zen will recommend more similar material for you. The site will be added to your list of interests.
  • If you did not like a piece of content, then tap  in the bottom right of the recommendation, and Yandex Zen will recommend less similar material for you.
  • If you do not want to see material from this site, then tap  in the bottom right of the recommendation, and then tap Block .... The site will be added to your list of blocked sites.
Note. You can edit your list of blocked sites and interests on the Yandex Zen site.

The more frequently your rate content in Yandex Zen, the better it is able to configure to your interests.

How to turn off the recommendations feed

  1. To the right of the SmartBox tap .
  2. Then tap .
  3. Disable the Show recommendations feed option.