About Yandex Browser Lite

Android users sometimes run out of space for apps on their devices. As a result, Yandex has created a lite version of its browser which has a selection of the main features.

Yandex Browser Lite occupies 30 times less space on your device than the standard Yandex Browser for mobile.

Yandex Browser Lite can be useful:

  • For users who have low cost devices with limited storage space.
  • As a backup browser for when browsing does not require a large number of additional features.

Main features of Yandex Browser Lite:

  • Search information online with SmartBox
  • Get personal recommendations from Yandex Zen
  • Open several sites in one browser with Tabs
  • Save your favorite site addresses with Bookmarks
  • Blocks and informs you of a site's security level
  • Clear up browser data (cookies and cache memory) to save space and protect your privacy
  • Run the app from your device's memory card by moving it there