Protect: sync passwords

You can sync passwords that you've saved in Yandex Browser on your computers, smartphones and tablets. During the syncing process, an encrypted copy of your password repository gets sent to the Yandex server and then passed on to your other synced devices. Passwords from your other devices get added simultaneously to the repository on your current smartphone.

  1. Advantages of password syncing
  2. Disabling and enabling syncing
  3. Password syncing conflict

Advantages of password syncing

  • Your saved passwords will automatically be entered into entry forms on all your devices.
  • If your smartphone breaks, you can restore your passwords from the server.
Tip. Create a master password to ensure that nobody (including Yandex) can decrypt your passwords.

Disabling and enabling syncing

Password syncing is enabled automatically when the syncing option is enabled.

Password syncing is disabled if syncing is fully disabled. To only disable password syncing:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Select Syncing.
  3. Disable the Passwords option.

Password syncing conflict

If you created different master passwords on your smartphones, tablets or computers, there may be a conflict during syncing. For example, let's say you entered one master password on your computer, another one on your smartphone and then synced your smartphone with your computer. In these cases, the browser does not know which master password must be used to encrypt merged storage.

To resolve the conflict:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Go to Passwords.
  3. Tap Password syncing conflict.
  4. Enter the master password created on that smartphone.
  5. A list of devices on which storage is protected by other master passwords appears.
  6. Passwords from devices for which you've forgotten the master password cannot be added to merged storage. Delete the passwords from these devices, tapping to the right of the device name
  7. Tap Combine with the passwords on this device.
  8. Enter the password from each conflicting device one at a time.

Passwords from all devices remaining on the list will be merged. The master password created on your current smartphone will be used to encrypt the vault.

Note. A similar conflict may arise if you created a master password on the smartphone you're currently using, synced it, and then reinstalled the browser on that phone and created another master password on it. In this case, you will also need to combine the new and old password repositories. The browser will display your old password repository on your current phone as if it were stored on a separate device.