Paid subscription warnings

It's so easy to subscribe for paid mobile phone services that you might do it without intending to: it just takes one tap on a button on the service's webpage to sign you up. Mobile Yandex.Browser warns you about paid subscriptions so that you only sign up for services you actually want.

What are paid subscriptions?

Paid subscriptions are one way to pay for internet-based services. Using a paid subscription, you can, for example, set up an answering service on your cell phone or sign up for weather forecasts sent by SMS on a weekly basis. To sign up, just follow the link to your mobile service provider's page and tap to confirm your subscription. Some content providers abuse simple subscription setups and sign users up for services they don't know they're paying for.

Although mobile subscription pages are hosted on the websites of mobile network operators, their content is determined by outside content providers. Some of these content providers deliberately conceal information about paid services. For example, the payment button might be labeled Play or Enter and the message informing you that the service is paid may be written in small letters or hidden beyond the visible part of the screen. By tapping just one button on one of these sites, you can initiate daily withdrawals from your mobile balance.

Paid subscription warnings

If you end up on a mobile service provider's page that contains a paid subscription, Yandex.Browser will display a warning in the browser window and you'll see the icon on the right side of the SmartBox. Tap Proceed only if you really intend to pay for a subscription.