Open a page on a new tab

  1. Tap and hold the page link.
  2. In the context menu, tap:
    • Open in new tab to go to the link on a new tab.
    • Open in background to open the link on a new tab but stay on the current tab.

To switch to a tab that was opened in the background, tap and choose a tab.

Create new tab

Note. If you won't be using your smartphone for a few hours, then the Yandex Browser tabs that were open earlier will display when you turn it back on. If you always want to open a new tab after you re-open Yandex Browser, go to Settings → More settings and enable the Start with new tab option.

Tap  → New tab.

Switch tabs

  1. Tap to switch to tab navigation mode.
  2. Choose the appropriate tab from the list.

Close tab

  1. Tap to switch to tab navigation mode.
  2. Swipe the tab up or tap in the tab's top upper left corner.

Close all tabs

  1. Tap to switch to tab navigation mode.
  2. Tap and hold in the upper left corner of the tab.
  3. In the menu that appears, tap Close all tabs.

Tabs that are open on different devices

Tabs open on various synced devices (computers, tablets, smartphones) are displayed after browser syncing.

View tabs left open on other devices
  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Tap .
  3. Open the appropriate section: Computer, Tablet or Phone.
  4. Tap the line with the desired tab.