Device syncing

Syncing lets you save your main browser settings and personal data on a designated Yandex server. All information is transmitted to the Yandex server over a secure channel. Only encoded passwords are sent. Access to your data on the server is protected by the same authorization system as on other Yandex services.

  1. What is synchronization?
  2. Enable syncing
  3. Change the list of data to sync
  4. Disable syncing

What is synchronization?

By default, the sites on your Tableau, bookmarks and open tabs are synced.

After you enable syncing, data will be synced each time you change data that is stored on the server. For example, when you add a bookmark to your smartphone, the browser sends it to the server and simultaneously downloads all the changes you made on other devices (since the last sync).

Syncing lets you:

You can turn off syncing or adjust the list of data to sync at any time when using the browser.

Enable syncing

In order for syncing to work you have to:

  • Have Yandex Browser installed on all the devices (computer, smartphone, tablet).
  • Have the same Yandex account used on all the devices.

To enable syncing:

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Tap Enable syncing.
  3. Enter your username and password.

    Tip. If you are not registered on Yandex, select Register and fill out the account information.
  4. Tap Log in.

To see a list of all the data that was synced, tap More.

Change the list of data to sync

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Select Syncing.
  3. Disable or enable the options you want (sites on Tableau, bookmarks and open tabs).

Disable syncing

  1. Tap  → Settings.
  2. Select Syncing.
  3. Tap Disable.