Protect: password manager

Attention. This function is not available for all users since it's still being developed.

Many passwords are difficult to remember, so users enter the same passwords on different sites, save them to a file on their computer, or just write them down. These methods are inconvenient and not safe. To help solve the problem, there are special password managers that store authentication data in a secure location and automatically enter them into forms on websites.

Note. Another advantage of the password manager is protection from phishing. Unlike people, programs are not susceptible to phishing sites (i.e. sites that visually appear to be different, well-known sites) and will not enter your username and password into authorization forms on such sites.

The Mobile Yandex Browser has its own integrated password manager. You can use the manager to quickly view, delete, or change your usernames and passwords to sites. Syncing lets you store your passwords on Yandex's protected servers and access them from all your devices.

The browser encrypts passwords that are used as a master password key and that only you know.

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