Translate pages

Yandex Browser for Mobile automatically detects the language of a loaded page. It can translate the page into English or another language of your choice.

  1. Change the translation language
  2. Translation settings
  3. Disable translation
  4. Problems with translation

To translate a page from a foreign language to Russian, tap  → Translate page.

You can monitor the progress in the translation bar at the top of the screen. If you want to stop the translation, tap at the top right.

To go back to the page in the original language:

Tap  on the right of the translation bar.

Change the translation language

Follow these steps to translate a page to the language of your choice:

  1. Translate the page into English the easiest way for you.
  2. In the top row, tap Translated into <language name> .
  3. In the list below, select a language and tap Done.

Translation settings

Translate pages automatically

If you want the browser to translate pages automatically when you open them:

  1. Tap   →  → Yandex Translate.
  2. Enable Automatic page translation.
Disable automatic page translation
  1. Tap   →  → Yandex Translate.
  2. Disable Automatic page translation.

Disable translation

  1. Tap   →  → Yandex Translate.
  2. Disable Offer to translate pages.

Problems with translation

The translator isn't working

The translator is enabled in the browser by default. Make sure that you have not turned off the translator manually:

  1. Tap   →  → Yandex Translate.
  2. Make sure that the following options are enabled:
    • Offer to translate pages.
    • Automatic page translation (you don't need to request translation: pages are automatically translated into the interface language).

If you can't find the information you need in Help or you are having issues with Yandex Browser for Mobile, please describe your actions step by step. Take a screenshot if possible. This will help our support specialists quickly find a solution for the issue you're experiencing.

Note. To resolve issues with Yandex services, please contact support of these services:
Yandex Browser for desktop
If you have problems using the desktop version of Yandex Browser, you can contact us directly from the browser: go to  → Advanced → Report problem or fill out the form.
Yandex Home page
If your question is about the Yandex Home page (for example, you want to change the theme, customize blocks or icons for services, or find YooMoney), contact us using this form. Select the option Question about Yandex Home page.
Yandex Mail
If your have questions about Yandex Mail (for example, how to disable ads, import messages from other mailboxes, restore deleted emails, or find messages in the Spam folder), use this form.
Yandex Search and search results
If you have questions about Yandex Search and search results (for example, about site ranking or invalid search results), contact us using this form.