Browser for mobile (iPad)


The SmartBox is the main element in Yandex.Browser that you use for searching. It's located in the upper part of the browser screen.

The SmartBox may disappear from the screen when you're viewing a site so that it doesn't continue to take up screen space. To make it reappear, tap on the bottom edge of the browser.

To enter a search query or go to a website:
  1. Use the SmartBox to enter a search query, URL, or site name (you can use your voice or the keyboard to enter searches).
  2. Press Enter.

Yandex.Browser will automatically detect whether to show you a website or search results.

You can see the following icons in the SmartBox:
  • — clear the SmartBox
  • — refresh the open page
  •  — start a voice search
Note the search suggestions when entering text:
  •  — sites that you have already visited
  •  — sites in your bookmarks
  • — similar search terms (tap the desired option to put it in the SmartBox)